As you begin the Take One!® process, start by identifying the entry and standards that will be assessed in your Take One!® project. The Take One!® entry for your certificate area and the standards to be addressed can be found in the link below.

The NBPTS Five Core Propositions demonstrated by National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT's) are embedded in the standards for your content area. The Five Core Props can be found at the link below.

All of your content area standards for Take One!® can be found on the NBPTS web site link below. Go to the site, find your content area, and proceed to the entry that contains your Take One!® Standards. These standards can also be found on the CD in your Take One!® box.

Powerpoint presentation from LNI by Marlene Rothermel.

General Portfolio instructions and specific portfolio instructions for your Take One!® entry can be found on your CD or at the following link. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the drop-down menu that will take you to your specific subject area and developmental level.

Within the specific portfolio instructions for your subject/developmental area you will find the directions for the video entry that you are to complete for Take One!®.

Expectations for Your Video Entry

The link below will take you to a number of Take One!® videos. When the page opens, scroll to the right and then scroll down until you can select the link that says Take1, Segment One. Within the first half of this segment is excellent information on the critical importance of knowing the standards for your entry. There are also good suggestions for connecting the standards to your present classroom practice in preparation for planning your Take One!® lesson. You should watch all of this first video.

If you want to scan ahead in the video and find the sections on the 5 Core Propositions and the Standards, see the following......
-Discussion of 5 Core Propositions begins about 8:45 minutes into the video.
-Recommendations for how to study the standards begins at about 36:30 minutes into the video and lasts about 7 minutes.

The link below is for SD teacher to teacher support. It was designed by Marlene for National Board candidates. If TAKE ONE have questions they would like teacher colleagues to comments on, please feel free to use this site. An excellent resource!