If you have not already watched the National Board DDN from January 6, 2010, this might be a good time! The first half of that session offers many hints for videotaping in your classroom.

Keep in mind that your video provides some of the clear, consistent, and convincing evidence that you "live" the standards in your classroom practice. The video comes after you have planned and designed "coherant" instruction and are ready to implement the lesson in a "positive learning environment." In your Take One! Activity Book, Section 2 and Section 3 will help you plan, design, and implement such instruction.

The writing activities in Section 4 of your Take One! Activity Book can help you zoom in on what transpired in your lesson so that you can describe and analyze it in writing for the assessors. You may find the questions on pages 58-62 very helpful in beginning your written commentary.

Video Notes 2/18/2010

The following links will take you to the video portion of Stanford University's Take One! site.

Questions to Help Analyze Your Video

Generic Video Analysis Questions

Identifying Evidence of the Standards in Your Practice