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This site contains the public documents that guide the Incentives Plus support network for those teachers who have elected to complete Take One!® and those who provide support to Take One!® candidates.

As you begin this journey keep in mind that the activities done along the path to your destination can be as rewarding as reaching your goal. We encourage you to approach Take One!®with an open mind and eager learning spirit. You know that good things are happening in your classes right now! The Take One!® process builds on the effective practices already present in your classroom and provides the opportunity to enhance your teaching practice and increase student learning.

Take One!® is also designed to be a collaborative, ongoing professional experience that will help build the professional learning community in your school. Please take advantage of the opportunities to involve your teaching colleagues in your Take One!® journey. At first, sharing your classroom practices with colleagues can be a bit frightening. Share anyway. You will discover that it can be not only a wonderful way to inform your teaching practice, but also a way to affirm the things you already do proficiently. Support each other and share with each other! Some of your colleagues have completed the Take One!® entry and can be excellent support resources.

If you have any questions or need help along the way, please contact your Take One!® Mentor/Consultant.

Peg Holmquest

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards TakeOne!

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